Emergency Procedures


Hot Water Systems

If the water is not hot, check:

*Is the power switch on

*Power box for tripped switch or blown fuse

*Is system full of water

*Has your shower routine changed or increased (tank capacity and/or tariff rates will affect this)

*Check with Ergon energy Re: What tariff you are on

Remember in winter, the efficiency of the tank is less than in summer and the water will get colder quicker. Phone our office to arrange for a tradesman to locate the problem.

Water Leaks

Water bubbling out of the ground could be a serious problem and could lead to further complications. Phone our office immediately.

Bath/Shower Leaks

Leaking into wardrobes or any area backing onto the wet area – a regular check of these areas is advisable. If the carpet is wet, sponge and dry area thoroughly and check again after use of the wet area, advise our office if it is wet again.

Leaking From Toilet

Usually is a minor problem. Regular mopping and turning off the tap between uses is adequate until the tradesperson arrives. Please contact us during office hours to arrange for a tradesperson.

Faulty Switches Or Fans

Do not attempt to fix it yourself. Do not use switches. Check that appliance in use is not at fault.


Check bulb or starter switch, check fuse box, then if still faulty contact us to have it attended to.


Check fuse box for tripped switch or blown fuse. Check if any appliance in use may overload the system and cause the switch to switch off. Check if neighboring properties are also without power.

Hot Plates

Check if power is connected or check fuse box for tripped switch or blown fuse. Contact us to arrange professional help.

Pool Problems

*Water level is a priority and must be kept at a level to allow water to flow through the skimmer boxes at all times. Failure to do this could result in enormous expenditure to you.

*No metal objects are to be allowed in the pool as it could cause corrosion marks

*No animals in the pool; as this creates a huge chemical imbalance.

*Ensure regular testing of water to keep correct PH level, this helps prevent mould/fungus forming in the pool

*Vacuum at least once a week to keep pool clear of debris

*Regular checks of pump to ensure motor working correctly and efficiently (making funny noises could be a forerunner to a problem). Leaking or pooling water at the pump could mean a cracked casing and will need attention

*Even if the pool is maintained for you, it is still part of your responsibility to keep an eye/ear out for any problems.


What is the difference between an emergency repair and a routine repair?

The law lists a variety of situations that are considered emergency repairs including:

* A burst water service or serious water leak * A blocked or broken lavatory system

* A serious roof leak * A gas leak

* A dangerous electrical fault * Flooding or serious flood damage

* A failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises

* A failure or breakdown of an essential service or appliance for hot water, cooking or heating

* A fault/damage that is likely to cause injury, inconvenience or makes the premises unsafe or insecure

If your situation is not listed as an emergency repair it is considered a routine repair and should be reported during normal office hours. If the tenant contacts a tradesperson for emergency repairs after hours and the issue is the fault of the tenant or a routine repair then the tenant shall be charged the full cost of the service.

Approved AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY ONLY Trades people:


* Shaun Enever – 0402 009 201

* Gainsite – 4155 2211 or 0407 139 799


* Rum City Electrical – 0405 329 834

* Cain Wood Electrical – 0418 283 487

* Pashley’s Electrical - 0417 647 855


* Chris Fixter – 0421 740 772


* Wide Bay & Burnett Wastewater – 4154 8748 or 0432 273 855

* Gainsite – 4155 2211 or 0407 139 799

If at the time of the event you are unable to contact any of the above trade people by all means source any trade person available and have them supply Michaels Real Estate with the invoice.