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Property Management

Our mission statement is to provide professional, ethical and friendly service to our clients. Our reputation within the Real Estate Industry is of high standards and our motto is ‘Clients for Life’.

Michaels Real Estate is a locally owned and independently operated real estate with more than 35 years local knowledge of the area. Our office is a member of the REIQ (Real Estate Institute of Queensland) which means you are dealing with agents who adhere to a strict Code of Ethics.

Our policy is that clients come first and we have built our business on the philosophy that clients are for life.

With a fully licensed and trained Property Management Team, you can feel at ease knowing that your property is being managed by a team actively dedicated to bringing you the greatest possible returns.

We pride ourselves on the recommendations of our clients and look forward to working with you.

What do we do differently?

At Michaels Real Estate we understand that when you invest in a property, it is important to maximize the returns on that investment. Our team of professional staff are committed to providing you with the highest level of service to help you achieve this and ensure the management of your property will be simple and hassle free.

Our aim is to constantly improve our service to fulfil our client’s needs.

We manage your asset to help you gain the best return.

We understand the importance of good communication.

We have access to the latest technology for faster communication.

We carry out extensive checks for tenant applications.

We produce detailed written inspection reports.

Licensed, insured and competitively priced reliable tradespeople are only considered (other than your specified tradespeople.)

We tailor each lease agreement to suit your requirements.

Professional Standards

The highest standards of ethics, integrity and professional practice will be conducted in compliance with the Code of Conduct of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland. We adhere to all legislation that is covered by the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008.

Under these acts we do not have the authority to talk about, advertise or carry out inspections or any other Property Management Duties without a written authority to act in place which is the Form 6 – Appointment of a Real Estate Agent which is signed by the legal owner of the property and the managing agent.

Why do you need a Property Manager?

We mediate between landlords and tenants, alleviating you of the problems and aggravations sometimes caused by tenants.

Your Property Manager is up to date with the current market rentals, which ensures we are achieving the maximum return on your investment while maintaining a high occupancy rate.

As the landlord you are required by law to be familiar with all current legislation as it is updated from time to time. We undertake extensive training to ensure we provide you with the correct advice in relation to these laws.

We have the capacity and technology to thoroughly check tenancy applications including searches on National Tenancy Databases that we subscribe to.

How do I give you our property to Manage?

That’s simple……Just phone our Property Management Department. We will ask you to sign a From 6 – Appointment of a Real Estate Agent form which will record details of any specific management requirement you have.

You can then settle back and relax, secure in the knowledge that your property is being skilfully managed.

*Please note: - If your property is currently being managed by another agency, you may be required to give notice of your wish to end the agreement with them. Refer to your signed From 6 – Appointment of Real Estate Agent for notice requirements. We can assist you with this transition.

Marketing Your Property

We consider the marketing of your property to be an integral part finding a suitable tenant, as this will expose your property to potential tenants.

To help ensure the vacancy of your property is kept to a minimum:

  • We will erect a ‘For Rent’ sign on your property (as authorized and permitted.)
  • We will place a listing of your property, including photographs, on our website and
  • We will conduct inspections of your property with perspective tenants as required (subject to access provided to us by any current tenant.)
  • Your property will be displayed and advertised in our window and at our front counter.
  • Newspaper advertising by individual arrangement.

Leasing Your Property

All information and references provided by the tenancy applications are professionally dealt with and verified to the best of our ability.

All tenancy applications are screened through the National Tenancy Database (TICA) that we subscribe to.

We will contact you with any suitable applications for final approval.

A detailed lease agreement and a comprehensive condition report will be prepared prior to the tenant moving in.

Copies of the tenancy documentation will be forwarded to you.

Management Fees

Our management fee is 8.5% + GST of the weekly rent. We do offer a special rate of 7.5% + GST for multiple properties.

For properties out of the immediate Bundaberg area (eg. Rosedale, Gin Gin, Yandaran, South Kolan etc our Management Fee is 10.5% + GST , with a special offer of 9.5% + GST for multiple properties.

$5.50 per month is charged for postage & petties.

We also charge a let fee when a new tenant commences a lease, equivalent to one weeks rent + GST.

Unlike other agencies, we do not charge a fee for duties that we believe should be included in the management fee.

For example – we do not charge for lease renewals, obtaining quotes or routine inspections.

Rent Collection

We offer tenants four different options for paying their rent. Rent payments can be made via Centrepay (there is a $0.99 charge to you, deducted from the weekly rent if the tenant chooses this option to pay their rent), Internet Transfer, and Direct Deposit at Westpac or cash payments in the office.

During the sign up process with a new tenant, we make sure they are aware of our strict procedures when it comes to dealing with rent arrears. We find that by discussing these procedures with the tenant before the tenancy begins, it is not often that any of our tenants are ever behind in their rent.

In the circumstance that a tenant does fall behind in their rent, we will act promptly and begin procedures as follows:

1.The first step is to contact the tenant (preferably by phone or failing that, by mail) to ask why they are behind and to find out when the rent will be paid.

2.If the tenant’s rent is 8 days overdue, we will issue them with an RTA Form 11 Notice to Remedy Breach, giving them 7 days to pay all rent owing up to date.

3.If the tenant fails to pay the rent due by the expiry date on the Notice to Remedy Breach, we will then issue them with an RTA Form 12 Notice to Leave, giving them 7 days to vacate the property.

Should any notice for rent arrears be issued to the tenant, we will keep you informed throughout the process.

Rent Monies

At the end of month rent monies are disbursed. Within one working day of close of month date the monies are disbursed into your nominated account, posted by cheque or any other arrangements you make. We can provide you with 2 monthly rent disbursements if required – one at mid month and one at the end of each month (on business days.)

Property Outgoings & Rent Statements

All property outgoings and maintenance expenses will be paid for on your behalf (subject to the availability of funds) as agreed. Your rent statement will be mailed or emailed to you within 2 working days of the disbursement. We will also provide you with an Annual Financial Income & Expenditure Statement.

Periodic Inspections

By law, we are only allowed to conduct Routine Periodic Inspections once every 17 weeks. Our inspections are conducted every 3 – 4 months. A detailed written inspection report will be provided along with digital photographs of general areas and any maintenance issues.

Repairs & Maintenance

At all times (depending on your authorizations) we will endeavour to contact you and advise you of the needs of repairs or maintenance prior to them being carried out. However in an emergency situation, if you can’t be contacted, we will act in your best interests and notify you as soon as possible of the outcome.

At all times your financial interest is considered and repairs and maintenance are carried out with this in mind. Licensed, insured and competitively priced reliable tradespeople are only considered (other than your specified tradespeople.)

Tenancy Agreement Renewal

Prior to the tenancy agreement expiring, we will liaise with both you and the tenants regarding requirements for the renewal of the lease.

The existing tenancy agreement and rental amount will be reviewed and a new lease agreement prepared and signed if applicable.

Tenancy Agreement Finalisation

All tenants listed on the lease agreement are required to provide us with at least 14 days notice in writing if they are planning to vacate the property, subject to the expiry of any existing tenancy agreement.

On receipt of a vacating notice, we will:

  • Advise you of the tenants vacating date.
  • Pending your instructions, list the property on our rental list & website and develop an agreed marketing plan.
  • After the tenants return the keys to our office once they have vacated, we will ensure that a Vacating Inspection is completed within 3 working days.
  • If deductions from the rental bond are required, full details will be provided to both you and the tenant.

Preparing for inspections

First impressions are the most important, they will help you determine the rental a tenant is prepared to pay and the type of tenant who is willing to lease your property.

These tips below could make the difference:

  • Paintwork both inside and out must be well presented
  • Lawns and gardens should be neat and tidy
  • Floor coverings should be in good condition
  • Window coverings must present well and allow adequate privacy
  • Kitchen and bathroom facilities must be in good working order
  • The property should be odour free
  • All rooms and their appliances should be clean & tidy
  • Ensure that fences and gates are in good condition as well as doors and windows etc

Preparing for your tenant

A property provided for a tenant in good condition will assist in ensuring that it is left in similar order at the end of a tenancy. This can establish a standard of care and cleanliness during a tenancy.

All rooms, including fittings and appliances should be in sound working order, clean & tidy

Carpets should be professionally cleaned

Complete pest control should be attend including: fleas, cockroaches, ants & spiders

Supply appliance instruction booklets to your Property Manager for provision to your tenants

Prepare an inventory of furniture items remaining at the property and hand this to your Property Manager

Ensure gardens and grounds are tidy and free of rubbish or unnecessary items

Clean concrete and paved areas of oil or other stains

Maintenance during the tenancy

As with your own home, a certain amount of wear and tear is unavoidable during a tenancy and we recommend a repairs and maintenance programme which will ensure that your property continues to achieve maximum rental, attract quality tenants and suffer minimum vacancy periods.

Consider the following guidelines and suggestions:

  • Paint throughout in a light neutral colour (not white) and use washable paint.
  • Clean gutters regularly.
  • Ensure that the property is secure, including window locks and all door locks.
  • Re-grout tiles in bathroom and kitchens to freshen appearance.
  • Ensure adequate tiling on walls around kitchen sinks, laundry tubs, bathroom basins, showers and baths.
  • Tile sufficient wall area around stoves to prevent damage from cooking.
  • Consider that window coverings are replaced if aged and / or worn.
  • Replace kitchen bench tops, cupboards and drawer fronts instead of installing a new kitchen. This can give the impression of a new kitchen at a fraction of the cost.
  • Do not lay soft vinyl flooring as this is more inclined to wear & tear.
  • Select good quality, hard wearing carpet in a neutral colour with quality underlay when replacing carpet.

Finalising arrangements

We require two sets of keys plus access keys (for more than one tenant). The tenant will need to be given a key to EVERY lock in the house. (Excluding areas inaccessible to the tenant for eg. a locked garage that contains owner’s belongings).

Finalise management authority

Appliance instructions to the office

Disconnect power & telephone if applicable

Notify insurance company

Arrange for professional carpet cleaning and Pest Control

After all the above has been completed, all you need to do is relax and let us handle the rest!

Helpful numbers

Below is a list of contactors and numbers you may find helpful throughout this process, these are our preferred contractors.


Sharp Cleaning - 0466 392 830

Carpet Cleaning & Flee Spray

Bundaberg Cleaning Services - 0408 133 860

Garden/lawn Maintenance

Lizard Lawn Care - 0447 518 872


Turtle Town Pool Services - 0425 234 787

General Handyman

Phibak Versatiles - 0416 000 957


Rum City Electrical - 0405 329 834


Enever Plumbing - 0402 009 201