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Renting a home - A guide for tenants


If information or advice regarding your tenancy is required, please contact our office. Our preferred method of contact is through email; however we can also be contacted via telephone and post. Where possible, any requests should be submitted in writing. Please be aware that your property manager often spends a large portion of their working day out of the office, and therefore they endeavour to get back to you within 24 working hours. If you wish to meet with the property management team, it is necessary to make an appointment.

Tenancy Laws

Residential tenancies are a highly legislated area of Real Estate and are governed by strict laws found in the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA). Upon signing up for your rental property, you would have been provided with a tenancy information pack which includes a RTA booklet (Form 17a). We urge you take the time to read this booklet, as it contains important information about your legal rights and responsibilities as a tenant. If you would like further information, please see the Property Occupations Act 2014, found in the link below.


Applying for a Rental

If you are interested in any of our available rentals, check the property listing for a scheduled inspection time. If an inspection date has not yet been set, register your details and you will be contacted once a viewing time has been scheduled. When attending a property viewing, we recommend you treat it almost as you would a job interview and aspire to make a good first impression. Property managers rate applicants on their first impression in conjunction with verbal interactions and their written rental application.

Once you have inspected the property and it decidedly suits your needs and lifestyle, you must apply. Your application can be submitted as a paper copy or onine via rent.com. Please note that simple things like legible handwriting, accurate phone numbers and supplying as much information as possible often makes the application process must faster and easier.

Generally we allow 24 to 48 business hours for processing and approval of an application, however this time period can vary depending on how many applicants are received. Please understand that once finalised, application summaries are forwarded to the property owner, who makes the final decision on who they want to tenant their property.

Rental Bond

A rental bond is four weeks rent, which must be paid prior to any keys or tenancy documents being provided. Once your bond is paid, it is lodged with the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA); you can then expect confirmation from the RTA that the bond has been lodged and with this you will receive your bond reference number. The bond is used as security for any outstanding rent, damages, cleaning or undue wear and tear to the property that may be present at the end of the tenancy.


As a tenant it is your responsibility to have the appropriate accounts placed in your name, and to arrange for disconnection and connection. Your property manager may ask for an electricity account number at your sign up to ensure that an account has been created. Please find relevant phone numbers below:

Ergon Energy: 13 74 66
Bundy Hot Gas: 07 4154 1317
Telstra: 1800 676 442


As a tenant, it is crucial you arrange your own contents insurance. Should your belongings (such as a motor vehicle) be damaged or destroyed by circumstances affecting the property (fire, storm, flooding etc), your possessions will not be covered by the owner’s insurance and no compensation to yourself will be offered.

Rental Payments

You are required to keep rent up to date at all times, failure to pay your rent may result in your tenancy being breached or terminated. If at any time you are unable to make a rental payment on or before the due date, please notify the office immediately. Rent payments can be made via internet transfer, centrepay, direct deposit or if necessary, exact cash in the office.

Our Bank details are:

Michaels Real Estate Trust Account
BSB: 034 122
AC#: 388 475
Please ensure you use the reference number issued to you at the start of your tenancy or the property's address and your surname.
Centrepay: 555053527-B

At the end of your tenancy, your rental ledger is invaluable. A ledger that shows that rent has consistently been paid on time is favourable when applying for rentals in the future. A rental ledger is a complete statement of every payment you make and the dates that the rent payment covers, and it highlights whether your rent has been paid on time or if you have been in arrears.

Keys & Locks

Keys are provided at the beginning of the tenancy – one full set to each lease holder. You may have additional keys cut for approved occupants if required. A duplicate key to all properties is retained by our office for emergency access and under special circumstances property keys can be borrowed during office hours and returned within 24 hours. This service is not available out of office hours or on public holidays and therefore it is advisable that you make arrangements regarding the location of a space key should you inadvertently lock yourself out; if this happens it will be your responsibility to contact a locksmith to arrange access.